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Corporate taxation is a complex and constantly evolving field. At AlterTax, we understand that effective tax management is crucial to the success and growth of your business. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing tailor-made tax solutions that align with your company's strategic objectives.

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AlterTax Avocats, under the direction of Cyril Maucour, Managing Partner, benefits from more than two decades of expertise in corporate and executive taxation, gained within prestigious international and French law firms. Our area of specialization encompasses support during tax audits and litigation management, services which we offer to a diverse international clientele, including entrepreneurs, SMEs and ETIs operating in a variety of sectors, from industry to new technologies and pharmaceuticals. AlterTax Avocats' multi-sector expertise makes us ideally placed to provide sound tax advice to any company seeking specialized legal support.

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AlerTax Avocats uses its legal expertise in the various fields of taxation and on all tax issues concerning the life of companies. In a changing regulatory and tax environment, it is essential for companies and their management teams to be surrounded by the best experts to advise them in securing and optimizing their tax issues.

Our team of tax lawyers based in Paris works with a professional clientele composed of companies of all sizes (VSEs, SMEs, French and international groups) operating in many sectors of activity on all their tax issues:


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We know that every business is unique. That's why we offer a personalized consultation to gain an in-depth understanding of your specific needs. Whether you're a fast-growing start-up, an established SME, or a large multinational corporation, our aim is to provide you with tax advice tailored to your structure and industry.

A relationship of trust

Corporate taxation is not just about complying with legal obligations; it also offers opportunities for tax optimization. Our experts at AlterTax can guide you in exploring these possibilities, from strategic tax planning to tax risk management, to ensure maximum tax efficiency.

Responsiveness and efficiency

At AlterTax, your tax success is our priority. Our team of experienced tax lawyers is ready to support you in all aspects of your company's tax affairs. Contact us for a partnership that will turn your tax challenges into opportunities.

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FAQ on corporate taxation

Frequently asked questions about business taxation

What are the advantages of good tax management for my company?

Effective tax management can reduce tax charges, improve profitability and help comply with current regulations, while minimizing the risk of tax reassessment.

How can AlterTax help my company with international tax issues?

We offer advice on international tax regulations, helping your company navigate the complexities of cross-border operations and optimize your global tax burden.

Can I legally reduce my tax liability?

Yes, AlterTax can help you identify and implement legally compliant tax optimization strategies, maximizing your tax benefits while staying within the legal framework.

What should I do if my company is subject to a tax audit?

In the event of a tax audit, AlterTax assists you every step of the way, providing expert representation and working to resolve problems efficiently and satisfactorily.

A few examples of our various services in corporate taxation

Our tax law firm offers advice for businesses. We focus on strategic tax planning, dispute resolution, cross-border transactions and much more, ensuring optimal tax compliance and efficient management of your tax issues.


Tax lawyer

As atax lawyers we offer in-depth legal advice to effectively manage your tax obligations and entitlements. Our expertise extends to all aspects of taxation, ensuring a comprehensive approach.


Tax advice

We offer tax advice to optimize your tax situation while complying with current regulations. Our aim is to help you navigate the complex tax landscape with confidence and clarity.


Tax audit lawyer

As atax auditorsour team offers expert representation to defend your interests. We intervene at every stage of the process to minimize the risks and potential impacts on your financial situation.


International tax lawyer

Our expertise asinternational tax lawyer supports you in the tax challenges associated with cross-border operations. We provide legal advice on navigating complex tax regulations.



Tax litigation lawyer

As aspecialized in tax litigationwe represent and defend your interests in tax disputes. Our approach is aimed at effectively resolving disputes with the tax authorities, by favoring amicable solutions or representation before the courts.


Wealth lawyer

We offer legal expertise in wealth wealth management as a lawyerwith an emphasis on real estate taxation. We support our clients in optimizing the tax efficiency of their real estate assets, whether for management, acquisition or transfer.

Tax lawyers for businesses throughout France

AlterTax offers its services throughout France. Whether your tax needs are centered on Paris, or national and international, our team is ready to offer top-level tax expertise.

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