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AlterTax, strategically located just off Paris's 16th arrondissement, specializes in in-depth tax consulting, tailored to the specific needs of residents and businesses in this prestigious area. We offer customized solutions to optimize and secure your tax situation.

Why choose AlterTax as your tax lawyer in Paris 16?

Our firm stands out in the 16th arrondissement for its in-depth expertise in tax matters. We combine a complete mastery of tax law with personalized attention to each client, offering innovative tax solutions in line with current standards.

Dedicated to Tax Excellence

At AlterTax, we strive for excellence in all our tax advisory services. Our team is committed to providing high-precision recommendations, giving paramount importance to every aspect of your tax situation to ensure you receive tailored and effective solutions.

Leading tax expertise

Our in-depth experience in the 16th arrondissement of Paris enables us to offer unique expertise in tax regulations and strategies. We ensure that our advice is effective and perfectly aligned with current tax laws.

Customized tax advice

We understand that every client has unique needs, which is why our approach is entirely personalized. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and develop customized tax strategies.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our primary objective. We are committed to offering clear advice, responding quickly to your needs, and establishing a relationship of trust based on transparency and the quality of our tax services.

At AlterTax, we are committed to delivering exceptional value in tax consulting. We meet our customers' specific requirements with personalized, specialized services, ensuring a thorough understanding of their tax needs to develop optimized strategies.

We focus on customer satisfaction and invest in the best technological tools on the market to offer a unique experience based on :


  • The fluidity of interactions with our teams and partners
  • The provision of our resources and tools to build in a collaborative way the solutions best adapted to their needs and thus contain their fees as well as possible

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Our services as expert tax lawyers in Paris 16

Our expertise in tax consulting is particularly suited to individuals and companies in the 16th arrondissement. We offer tailor-made solutions, from tax planning to compliance, mastering local and international tax regulations to optimize your tax situation.


Tax lawyer

As a specialisttax lawyer, we offer in-depth legal advice to effectively manage your tax obligations and entitlements. Our expertise extends to all aspects of taxation, ensuring a comprehensive approach for both individuals and businesses.

Tax advice

We offer strategic tax advice, aimed at optimizing your tax situation while complying with current regulations. Our aim is to help you navigate the complex tax landscape with confidence and clarity.

Tax audit lawyer

As atax audit lawyer, our team offers expert representation to defend your interests. We intervene at every stage of the process to minimize the risks and potential impact on your financial situation.

International tax lawyer

Our expertise asinternational tax lawyers can help you manage the tax challenges associated with cross-border operations. We provide legal advice to effectively navigate multiple and complex tax regulations.

Tax litigation lawyer

Astax litigation lawyers, we represent and defend your interests in tax disputes. Our approach is aimed at effectively resolving disputes with the tax authorities, by favoring amicable solutions or representation before the courts.

Wealth lawyer

We offer specialized legal expertise in wealth management, with a particular focus on real estate taxation. We support our clients in optimizing the taxation of their real estate assets, whether for management, acquisition or transfer.

FAQ for tax lawyers Paris 16

Here are some frequently asked questions about tax lawyers in Paris 16:

What expertise does a tax lawyer in Paris 16 have to offer?

A tax lawyer in Paris 16 offers specialized expertise in local and national tax regulations, tailored to the needs of residents and businesses in the 16th arrondissement.

We also offer complementary expertise:

How can a tax lawyer help businesses in the 16th arrondissement?

They provide advice on tax planning, compliance and optimization, taking into account regional and national specificities.

Do Paris 16 tax lawyers handle international tax issues?

Yes, they are equipped to deal with international tax issues thanks to their knowledge of global tax regulations, offering relevant, global advice.

What are the advantages of consulting a tax lawyer in the 16th arrondissement?

A tax lawyer in this area offers specialized advice tailored to the upscale clientele and businesses of the 16th arrondissement, with an understanding of local tax issues and easy access for local residents.

Can a tax lawyer in Paris 16 help with non-resident taxation?

Yes, they are often equipped to advise non-residents on tax issues relating to investments in France, property ownership, and income generated in France.

How can I keep up to date with tax changes affecting residents of the 16th arrondissement?

Tax law firms in Paris 16 generally inform their clients of important legislative and regulatory updates, and may offer regular seminars or newsletters on these subjects.

Tax lawyer in Paris 16 and other arrondissements

Based in Paris 16, our firm offers its expertise not only locally, but also in other regions and internationally. Whether you're in another part of Paris or elsewhere in the world, our team is ready to offer you specialist tax advice. We understand local and global tax subtleties, ensuring high-quality tax support wherever you need it. Find us in Paris 7, Paris 8, Paris 17 and Paris 16!

It's good to be informed, but it's even better to be accompanied by an expert tax lawyer.

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