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AlterTax, rooted in the Mediterranean energy of Marseille, is dedicated to providing exceptional tax advice, tailored to the realities of individuals and companies in this cosmopolitan metropolis. We develop tailor-made tax strategies, targeting both intelligent tax optimization and scrupulous compliance with tax laws.

Why choose AlterTax in Marseille for your tax needs?

In Marseille, our firm stands out for its in-depth and diversified tax expertise. Combining expert mastery of tax law with individual attention to each case, we offer cutting-edge tax solutions that are perfectly in line with regulations.

High Quality Tax Services

The quest for excellence in tax advice guides every action taken by AlterTax in Marseille. We are committed to delivering recommendations of the highest precision, paying detailed attention to all aspects of your tax file for results that are both relevant and effective.

Depth of tax expertise

We offer a wealth of tax expertise, covering local, national and international dimensions. Our advice is always in line with the latest developments in tax law.

Individualized approach for each customer

Each client benefits from a tax strategy designed specifically for them. Our collaborative methodology enables us to grasp your objectives and design tailor-made tax strategies.

Our goal: Your total satisfaction

We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. This means providing transparent advice, responding promptly to your requests and building a lasting relationship of trust based on the soundness of our tax recommendations.

At AlterTax Marseille, we aim to significantly enrich your tax experience. We approach each case with a personalized and expert service, ensuring a complete understanding of your tax needs and the implementation of optimal tax strategies.


Our rankings

AlterTax tax services in Marseille

Our tax expertise, specially designed for Marseille, encompasses everything from strategic tax planning to the resolution of tax disputes, mastering the intricacies of tax regulations at every level.


Tax lawyer

As a specialisttax lawyer, we offer in-depth legal advice to effectively manage your tax obligations and entitlements. Our expertise extends to all aspects of taxation, ensuring a comprehensive approach for both individuals and businesses.

Tax advice

We offer strategic tax advice, aimed at optimizing your tax situation while complying with current regulations. Our aim is to help you navigate the complex tax landscape with confidence and clarity.

Tax audit lawyer

As atax audit lawyer, our team offers expert representation to defend your interests. We intervene at every stage of the process to minimize the risks and potential impact on your financial situation.

International tax lawyer

Our expertise asinternational tax lawyers can help you manage the tax challenges associated with cross-border operations. We provide legal advice to effectively navigate multiple and complex tax regulations.

Tax litigation lawyer

Astax litigation lawyers, we represent and defend your interests in tax disputes. Our approach is aimed at effectively resolving disputes with the tax authorities, by favoring amicable solutions or representation before the courts.

Wealth lawyer

We offer specialized legal expertise in wealth management, with a particular focus on real estate taxation. We support our clients in optimizing the taxation of their real estate assets, whether for management, acquisition or transfer.

FAQ for tax lawyers in Marseille

Here are some frequently asked questions about the services of a tax lawyer in Marseille:

What does AlterTax specialize in as a tax lawyer in Marseille?

At AlterTax in Marseille, we specialize in a variety of tax areas, including tax planning for companies and individuals, managing tax disputes, advising on international tax matters, and assisting with tax audits. Our expertise also covers VAT, real estate and inheritance tax issues.

How can AlterTax help companies in Marseille optimize their tax situation?

We work closely with Marseille-based companies to develop customized tax strategies. This includes identifying potential tax breaks, tax-efficient structuring of business activities, proactively managing tax risks, and ensuring tax compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Can private individuals benefit from AlterTax's services in Marseille?

Absolutely. We offer individuals comprehensive services, including tax returns, retirement and inheritance planning, international investment advice, and real estate tax management.

How does AlterTax manage a tax audit in Marseille?

Our approach to tax audits includes an initial assessment of your situation, careful preparation of the necessary documentation, strategic communication with the tax authorities, and, if necessary, legal representation to defend your interests.

Does AlterTax offer international tax advice?

Yes, our expertise extends to international taxation. We advise our customers on issues relating to cross-border transactions, double taxation and international tax regulations, with a view to optimizing their global tax position.

How does AlterTax keep its tax advice up to date?

We keep abreast of the latest developments in legislation and case law. Our team carries out a rigorous regulatory watch, ensuring that our customers receive relevant and up-to-date advice.

Can AlterTax help with the tax structuring of investment projects?

Yes, we assist clients in the tax structuring of their investment projects, including analysis of tax implications, transaction planning, and tax optimization of investment operations.

Can tax lawyers work in other regions or countries?

As tax lawyers, we can intervene before the tax authorities and administrative courts without geographical constraints in most tax disputes. We also act for foreign authorities, whether to plead, advise or represent our clients in any city or country.

Your tax lawyer in Marseille and beyond

From Marseille, AlterTax serves local, regional and even national clients with the same rigor and expertise. Whether your tax situation requires local expertise, regional expertise in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, or national expertise, our team is on hand to provide you with cutting-edge tax advice.

It's good to be informed, but it's even better to be accompanied by an expert tax lawyer.

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