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With a senior tax attorney, the complex paths of taxation are no longer a problem. As a firm of expert tax lawyers, we offer in-depth tax expertise for individuals and businesses. Our approach aims to optimize your tax situation while ensuring compliance with current regulations, for any tax query.


Altertax law firm admitted to the Paris Bar

Altertax Avocats is a Paris-based tax law firm specializing in strategic tax advice for a variety of clients, including individuals, start-ups, SMEs and large corporations. Our expertise extends to tax structuring of M&A transactions, management of international flows, and tax auditing. We offer tailor-made tax services, backed by extensive regulatory monitoring and comprehensive documentation.

Altertax responds to their customers' complex tax challenges.

Why choose us as your
tax lawyer?

Altertax Avocats excels in taxation, with a focus on international challenges and complex transactions. Our clear communication and practical advice are the fruit of a wealth of experience and a bilingual team, committed to delivering customized, effective solutions.

Excellence and Integrity

We don't just do things well - we strive for excellence.

Our professional ethics are the foundation of our practice. With us, you can be sure of a high level of service, respectful of the strictest ethical standards.

Tax Lawyer at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Thanks to artificial intelligence and legaltech, we can process your tax files quickly, saving you time and ensuring efficient budget management.
Technology amplifies our expertise, offering personalized advice and optimized results at lower cost.

Responsiveness and efficiency

In the fast-paced world of finance and business, every moment counts. We value your time as much as you do. Our promise? To provide fast answers and optimal solutions. Our goal? To maximize results while minimizing the waste of financial resources.

Our bilingual team (French/English)

Our team, with over 25 years' experience, is fluent in both French and English. We offer customized solutions based on a thorough understanding of your needs, and solve your tax problems using both technical and creative approaches.

Our various services as tax lawyers

Our firm excels in managing tax needs, offering dedicated expertise to both individuals and businesses. We focus on tailor-made solutions, from defending clients in tax audits to representing them in litigation. Our mastery of tax regulations, both national and international, enables us to propose customized and effective defense strategies.


Tax lawyer

As atax lawyers we offer in-depth legal advice to effectively manage your tax obligations and entitlements. Our expertise extends to all aspects of taxation, ensuring a comprehensive approach.


Tax advice

We offer tax advice to optimize your tax situation while complying with current regulations. Our aim is to help you navigate the complex tax landscape with confidence and clarity.


Tax audit lawyer

As atax auditorsour team offers expert representation to defend your interests. We intervene at every stage of the process to minimize the risks and potential impacts on your financial situation.


International tax lawyer

Our expertise asinternational tax lawyer supports you in the tax challenges associated with cross-border operations. We provide legal advice on navigating complex tax regulations.



Tax litigation lawyer

As aspecialized in tax litigationwe represent and defend your interests in tax disputes. Our approach is aimed at effectively resolving disputes with the tax authorities, by favoring amicable solutions or representation before the courts.


Wealth lawyer

We offer legal expertise in wealth wealth management as a lawyerwith an emphasis on real estate taxation. We support our clients in optimizing the tax efficiency of their real estate assets, whether for management, acquisition or transfer.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the services of a tax lawyer.

What areas of expertise does a tax lawyer cover?

A tax lawyer specializes in a number of areas, including tax planning, tax dispute resolution, tax compliance, and tax issues related to commercial and personal transactions.

How can a tax lawyer help my company?

A tax lawyer can help your company by offering strategic advice on minimizing tax burdens, ensuring compliance with tax laws, and representing the company in disputes with tax authorities.

What's the difference between a tax lawyer and an accountant?

A tax lawyer concentrates on tax law and legal representation, while an accountant mainly handles the preparation of tax returns and bookkeeping.

Can I consult a tax lawyer for personal tax matters?

Yes, tax lawyers also provide advisory and tax planning services for individual clients, helping to manage personal and family tax issues. As is the case at AlterTax.

How much does a consultation with a tax lawyer cost?

Fees may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the lawyer's experience. It is advisable to discuss fees at the initial consultation.

Does your Paris 17 office offer services in other arrondissements?

Although our firm is established and located in Paris 17, we provide our tax lawyer services in all arrondissements of Paris, such as Paris 7, Paris 8, Paris 16 and others. We are dedicated to helping our clients throughout Paris, offering tax expertise tailored to their specific needs, regardless of their location in the capital.

How does a tax lawyer assist with taxes and foreign investments?

As masters in tax law, we support companies and individuals in managing their wealth and business affairs. Our practice covers everything from tax optimization to overseas investments, ensuring compliance and preventing tax fraud. Our expertise extends to capital issues and the needs of companies in various commercial fields.

Can tax lawyers work in other regions or countries?

As tax lawyers, we can intervene before the tax authorities and administrative courts without geographical constraints in most tax disputes. We also act for foreign authorities, whether to plead, advise or represent our clients in any city or country.

The complex paths of taxation are no problem for us.
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Your tax lawyer in France, Paris and abroad

Paris-based AlterTax is your trusted partner for all your tax matters, in France and abroad. Our expertise stretches from the capital to the four corners of the country and crosses borders, offering comprehensive tax assistance tailored to your needs, whether you're based in the Paris region, Normandy, or beyond France's borders.